zondag 11 juli 2010

'prezzie' and an award

Can you come up with a caption to fit this picture? was the question of Mrs A. and you had to tell your favourite colour. She also wrote:
If it helps Malibu is sitting at the top then Sundance , then Blue Boy with Bandit at the bottom.
I answered:
Bandit is thinking: anything going on above my head....I don't think so! And that I love the colour blue.

I was perplexed to be one of the two winners.
Once Mrs A. gave a sneak peek of a book and the fabric she wanted to use and finally last Saturday the postman came with this parcel:

When she was choosing what to make as my little prezzie the book fell open at the page showing this bag and it is called "Dutch Cat". She immediately thought how apropriate it was. It is made from Japanese kimono silks. Isn't this amazing and adorable. It's so delicately precious. I'm so proud to be the owner of a real Mrs A.!!!!!!

A photo of the backside:

And now something else:

I received this award from my blogging friend Lorraine

As with all awards there are rules: the first being to thank the person who passed the award on to you, so
Thank you LORRAINE

The other rules are to pass it on to five other bloggers, this I always find so difficult to do but here goes
Mrs. A
Now I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself but I think you know all there is to know about me lol so I will not bore you with any details. Might anybody have a question, just ask!

Well, this is my post for today.....I hope temperature will lower soon.....and tonight we'll know if the Netherlands are Worldchampion Soccer!!!????

xxx Margreet

7 opmerkingen:

Cheryl zei

oh wow hun that bag is just brilliant gosh so beautiful the colurs are just amazing,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Faye zei

Hiya Lovely lady!! Thank you for the award and I am so pleased you love your bag, it will make my Mum very happy! Thanks also for displaying my button!! xxx

Suzi zei

Wow!! what a beautiful prize to receive, you are so lucky, it's gorgeous, Thank you so much for the award Margreet, I really appreciate it.
Suzi x

Dora zei

Hi Margreet what a gorgeous photo, my sis would be thrilled to see it, as she loves cats and that bag is gorgeous too... And hey you got another award to pick from me he he :) Go grab it xxx

Mina zei

wow its beautiful lucky girl
Mina xxx

Lori zei

Awww thanks Margreet, I'm taking it now! You're so sweet and I love the kitty/bag!

Mrs A. zei

Thankyou for the award. My 1st ever.