zaterdag 25 december 2010

The Twelve Days of Fluffmas

My blogfriend Faye is running a 12 days of Fluffmas candy. All you need to do is answer her 12 questions then post it on your blog and do the usual linky thing....easy peasy so why not pop over and enter her candy!!

1. How old is Sweet Cheeks? - 2 years old

2. What is the name of my Mum's Blog? -

3. What are my favourite colours? (Clue; they're not what you might think they are!) - pink and brown

4. We recently moved, but from which county? - Devon

5. How many posts did I write in August? - 16

6. Which two Challenge Blogs do I play on? - Sweet Stampin' Challenge and Cupcake Craft challenge

7. When is my birthday? (Clue; I was on holiday!) - 15th March (I will keep the year as a

8. What is my favourite crafting item? - raffia

9. Name the alternate reality I inhabit? - Faye world

10. I love this as much as crafting, what is it? - choklit, cakes and ice-cream

11. What do we refer to my Dad as? (Bonus stash if you can tell me what his remedy for anything is?) - Doc Shingles and his remedy is: take a bottle of White Lightening (cider)!

12. Once Upon a Time, I had a career in? - catering industry as a Pastry Chef, Restaurant manager and HR

Well, if you want to enjoy Fluff's candy with a twist, why not hop over to her and enter. You won't regret! It's so fun to visit her blog and she always manage to bring a smile on my face with her stories about what's happening in Faye World (although she uses words and phrases which are hard to understand for foreigners....but she's always willing to explain!

I wish you and those you love a wonderful Christmas time!

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Faye zei

Hello Lovely Lady, so glad you played along! Hope you're enjoying your Christmas. Big hugs and Good Luck! xxx